Meg Magazine November 2013 Issue: Toni Gonzaga


Who’s on the Cover?

The November issue tries to reconcile virtual life with real life: two intertwined aspects of our modern age. There are different faces we show to the world, and Toni Gonzaga’s interview by Bianca Gonzalez gives us valuable advice on how to juggle them all, as well as sharing her highs, lows, and how she viewed life in her 20’s.

What’s Inside?

Virtual reality has become an almost necessary part of our llives, and it’s easy to see why. With the easy ability to change how we represent ourselves online, your online presence can be as important as your actual self. With that in mind, we’ve tried to help out. We show you how to take the perfect selfie to delight your followers and fulfill your vain moments while still remaining likable. Looking to separate your #OOTD’s from the pack? Edit, edit, edit. Present a new way of styling certain pieces instead of just documenting any old outfit. Your followers will thank you.

Interviews with Tom Rodriguez of hit teleserye My Husband’s Lover gives us some insights on his character, on TV and otherwise. We also get to know Youtube sensations Island Media Asia’s half-Pinoy hotties who went viral after peddling balut and buko juice on the streets of Manila.

Does the thought of all the Christmas shopping get you hyperventilating already? Here’s the help you need. The beginner’s guide to bazaars will help you get your best bargains, while the editors of Meg have put together a gift guide to help you think of ideas for the special people in your life: parents, best friends, co-workers; we’ve got almost all bases covered.

Talking of the real world, we have a professional makeup artist who helped us create real looks for the real world to fit our day jobs, and we’ve also got the hard reality on how to deal with a job you hate. Start setting some realistic goals and tick off our list of the 15 things you should know by the time you’re 25.

One special feature of this issue is the Meg 2013 Beauty Awards. Perfect skin, perfect hair, perfect makeup: we’ve got the best products to help you achieve all 3 and more. We’re super excited to share all this with you this November, so grab your issues now!

We Couldn’t Have Done It Without:

Photographer: Xander Angeles (Edge of Light Inc.)

Art Direction: Ionne Ocampo

Stylist: Rain Dagala

Assisted by Portia Ladrido

Makeup: Krist Bansuelo

Hair: Macy Dionido

Sittings Editors: Bianca Gonzalez, Ning Hilario and Mica P. Santos

Shoot Coordination: Bea Gabuya

Special thanks to Jamba Juice


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