Behind the Scenes: Toni Gonzaga for Meg November 2013

’Di pa ako marunong mag-angle nun!” Toni Gonzaga laughs as she catches a glimpse of her 2005 meg cover. That certainly isn’t a problem today as she works all her angles, twisting her shoulders inward, turning her knees, slouching. Toni knows exactly how to pose to get the perfect shots.

On a gloomy day, Toni brought a lil’ sunshine into our shoot and got everything done faster than we could have imagined. Soft androgyny was the fashion peg and she pulled it off effortlessly, keeping a cheeky smile on her face as if knowing that she’s got it in the bag.

With chill, rainy-day music –smooth covers of pop songs; no pounding EDM or hip-hop here –flowing through the studio, the shoot took on a softer vibe, feeling more like a hangout than work. Laid-back and relaxed, Toni plays with her poses and gives us a variety to choose from, going from one movement to another as soon as the shot is taken.

Before we know it, she’s in her last outfit and click click click–we’ve got everything we need.

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